Frequently Asked Questions

I have received a First Half Real Estate Ticket, do I owe it?

Yes, the Board of Supervisors voted on February 24, 2020, to go to twice a year billing on Real Estate Tax. The First Half is due June 20th and the Second Half is due December 5th.

My bank/escrow is supposed to pay my Real Estate Tax, will they pay the First Half and Second Half?
Taxpayers receive a copy of the Real Estate Tickets for their records and if requested the information is sent to the Escrow companies. If your ticket doesn't have the notice "escrow is to pay", that doesn't mean they won't pay as the Banks and Escrow Companies have the ability to go online and get the payment information. 

On my Personal Property Tax there is a car listed I don't own any longer, what should I do?
If you owned the car on January 1st you will owe tax on that vehicle. If you have sold that vehicle and bought another. You will need to contact the Commissioner of the Revenue's office. 

I am being charged the Vehicle License Fee on a car I don't have any longer.
Contact the Commissioner of the Revenue's office to correct your records.