Sheriff's Office

To Serve and Protect
web1_J.B.-Gardner  John B. Gardner

605 Pine Street P. O. Box 575  Hillsville, VA, 24343
(276) 730-3020
(276) 728-4166
(276) 236-5119
Fax:(276) 728-9992

Key Contacts: 

Sheriff John B 
Chief Deputy Gary 
Communications Sergeant Jessica

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Department is a state accredited, twenty-four hour, full-service agency.  The Department is staffed with professional law enforcement, corrections, civil process and communications employees.  These men and women are proud of the positive impact they make every day through their service. The mission of the Sheriff's Office is to provide for peace and security of all residents and visitors of Carroll County.

The responsibilities associated with this mission are many. They include enforcement of state, local, and federal laws, protection of life and property,  identify criminal offenders and criminal activity and,  to apprehend offenders and participate in subsequent court proceedings, reduce the opportunities for the commission of some crimes through preventive patrol and other measures, aid individuals who are in danger of physical harm, protect constitutional guarantees, facilitate the movement of people and vehicles, assist those who cannot care for themselves, resolve conflict,  create and maintain a feeling of security in the community, promote and preserve civil order, and generally assist citizens in urgent situations.

We carry out these responsibilities diligently, courteously and take pride in the services we provide.  We work in cooperation with community agencies and groups to promote understanding and to enhance our law enforcement capabilities.

The Office is located in the Carroll County Governmental Center, Lower Level.