Circuit Court Records Preservation Grant Program

Circuit Court Records Preservation Grant Program

The Circuit Court Records Preservation Program (CCRP) is a part of the Library of Virginia's Local Records Services Branch. Funded through a $1.50 of the clerk’s recordation fee, the CCRP provides resources to help preserve and make accessible permanent circuit court records.  The program awards grants to the commonwealth’s circuit court clerks to help them address the needs of the records housed in their localities. 

The CCRP also provides resources needed to process and house the circuit court records that are transferred to the State Archives for safekeeping and increased access; as well as track, duplicate and maintain circuit court microfilm stored in the Library’s media vault.  (Library of Virginia)

Please click here for a video about the Circuit Court Records Preservation Program.

Carroll County Circuit Court Clerk's Office has actively pursued grants through this program that has benefited the citizens with better access, security, and preservation of  historical documents. Below is a list of grants that have been award to the Carroll County Circuit Court Clerk's Office:

YEAR    Items Preserved through CCRP  Grant Award Amount
2016 Deed Books 1, 2, 3, and 5 (1839 - 1857) $14,626
2017 Maps of Lands Acquired for the Blue Ridge Parkway $3,657
2017 Deed Book 6 (1857 - 1859), Order Book 3 (1852-1858), and Order Book 5 (1861-1867) $11,730
 2018  Deed Book 14 (1880-1882), Deed Book 4 (1853 - 1854), and Deed Book 7 (1859-1861)  $11,362
 2019  County Census Records (1880), Deed Book 9 (1868-1869), Register of Births and Deaths (1853-1860), and U.S. Federal Census (1850, 1860, 1870)  $14,023