New River Valley Criminal Justice Academy - Assistant Director

Description :

General Statement of Duties:
Under the supervision of the Academy Executive Director, this individual will perform various research and administrative tasks as assigned by the Director.  This will include supervision and evaluation of Academy instructional personnel, and in the extended absence of the Executive Director supervision of the entire Academy staff and operations.

Specific Position Responsibilities:
In the extended absence of the Director, this individual will inherit the duties and responsibilities of the Academy Director.  Inasmuch, detailed instruction may not be given or available to perform certain tasks; therefore, this individual must be capable of making decisions that may have far reaching effects.  Knowledge of Academy policy and procedure and having the ability to exercise independent judgment is crucial to performing well within this position. 

Illustrative Examples of Work:
The Assistant Director will keep the Director informed of all business matters, administration and training relating to Academy affairs.  He will maintain close supervision over the Academy academic program.  The primary responsibility of the Assistant Director is to provide support to the Academy by implementing directives as set forth by the Academy Executive Director.  This will include performing duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

Employment Standards:
            Education, Experience, and Training:

  • At a minimum, the Assistant Director must possess a Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited educational institution in a related field; or have a combination of education and experience to equal this requirement
  • Have management and training experience
  • The ability to manage and coordinate a complete training curriculum
  • Be capable of exercising independent judgment; and have the ability to supervise personnel
  • The Assistant Director must have completed a Basic Entry Level Criminal Justice Program and have completed a General Instructor’s Development School; both through the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.           

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • The Assistant Director Candidate should have a thorough knowledge of English and form
  • Good management and administrative skills, effective communication skills (interpersonal and written) and computer literacy
  • The Candidate should be familiar with working with different instructional media (i.e., computers, media projectors, slide projectors, Firearms Simulations Training System, and other types of equipment that are used in the delivery of Academy Training Programs)

Pay Scale and Benefits:

            The Academy Board of Directors has established the following pay scale for this   position:  $55,000.00

            Benefit package includes:

  • Paid State Retirement
  • Individual Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Individual Life Insurance
  • Vacation Up to 18 Days Annually
  • Accumulated up to (60) days Sick Leave Annually. Upon leaving the Academy individuals can claim up to (30) days Sick Leave.





Contact : For Information on How to Apply:  Contact the New River Criminal Justice Training Academy at 540-674-5846.

Please do not complete a Carroll County employment application.  

Deadline for Applying : Open until filled