Deputy Sheriff

Description :

Job Description – Deputy Sheriff
A patrol deputy sheriff is responsible for the efficient performance of required duties conforming to the rules, regulations, and general orders contained herein. Duties shall consist of, but are not limited to, general law enforcement responsibilities necessary to the safety and good order of the community. A deputy sheriff shall

  • Identify criminal offenders and criminal activity and, where appropriate, apprehend offenders and participate in subsequent court proceedings.
  • Reduce the opportunities for the commission of crime through preventive patrol and other measures.
  • Aid people who are in danger of physical harm.
  • Facilitate the movement of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
  • Identify potentially serious law enforcement or governmental problems.
  • Promote and preserve the peace.
  • Provide emergency services.

The position has frequent exposure to risk situations; the impact of the incumbent's decision(s) minimally affect the operation of the organization. The worker may be exposed to danger with potential for bodily injury or even death to acts of aggression on the part of others or to exposure to disasters such as fires, explosions, etc. Work involves moderate physical strain and requires some strength and endurance.


General duties and responsibilities:

  • Exercises authority consistent with obligations imposed by the oath of office.
  • Accountable to superior officers. Promptly obeys legitimate orders.
  • Coordinates efforts with those of other members of the Sheriff's Office so that teamwork may ensure continuity of purpose and achievement of police objectives.
  • Communicates to superiors and to fellow officers all information obtained in the field, which is pertinent to the achievement of law enforcement objectives.
  • Responds punctually to all assignments.
  • Acquires and records information concerning events that have taken place since the last tour of duty.
  • Records activity during tour of duty in the manner prescribed by proper authority.
  • Maintains weapons and equipment in a functional, presentable condition.
  • Assists citizens requesting assistance or information. Courteously explains any instance where jurisdiction does not lie with the Sheriff's Office and suggests other procedures to be followed.
  • Accountable for the securing, receipt, and proper transporting of all evidence and property coming into custody.
  • Answers questions asked by the general public, counsels juveniles and adults when necessary and refers them to persons or agencies where they can obtain further assistance.
  • Preserves the peace at public gatherings, neighborhood disputes, and family quarrels.
  • Serves or delivers warrants, summonses, subpoenas, and other official papers promptly and accurately when so directed by a superior officer.
  • Confers with prosecutors and testifies in court.
  • Accomplishes other general duties as they are assigned or become necessary.
  • Performs other duties as may be assigned by the Sheriff.
  • Cooperates with the efforts of other law enforcement agencies.

 Specific duties and responsibilities: preventive patrol.

Patrols an assigned area for general purposes of crime prevention and law enforcement.
Patrol includes:

  • Be thoroughly familiar with the assigned route of patrol.  Such familiarity includes knowledge of residents, merchants, businesses, roads, alleyways, paths, etc.
  • Conditions that contribute to crime should be reported.
  • Apprehending persons violating the law or wanted by law enforcement.
  • Complete detailed reports on all crimes, vehicle accidents and other incidents requiring his attention. In cases where an arrest is made, an arrest report is submitted. When property is recovered or additional information is discovered pertaining to a previously reported offense, the deputy completes a supplement report.
  • Preserve any serious crime scene until the investigator arrives.
  • Public assembly checks.
  • Building security checks and property checks for homeowners.
  • Observing and interrogating suspicious persons.
  • Issuing traffic citations.
  • Reporting street light and traffic signals out-of-order, street hazards and any conditions that endanger public safety.
  • Respond to any public emergency.
  • Conducts a thorough investigation of all offenses and incidents within the area of assignment and scope of activity. Collects evidence and records data that will aid in identification, apprehension, and prosecution of offenders, as well as the recovery of property.
  • Alert to the development of conditions tending to cause crime or indicative of criminal activity. Takes preventive action to correct such conditions, and informs superiors as soon as the situation permits.
  • Responds to situations brought to the deputy's attention while in the course of routine patrol or when assigned by radio. Renders First Aid, when qualified, to persons who are seriously ill or injured. Assists persons needing law enforcement services.
  • Patrols area giving particular attention to and frequently rechecking locations where the crime hazard is great. Insofar as possible, a deputy sheriff shall not patrol an area according to any fixed route or schedule, but shall alternate frequently and backtrack in order to be at the location least expected.
  • Be alert for all nuisances, impediments, obstructions, defects or other conditions that might endanger or hinder the safety, health or convenience of the public within the patrol area.
  • Ensure that patrol vehicle is safe and operable and clean both inside and out.
  • Inspects the vehicle at the beginning of the tour of duty for any defects or missing equipment. Immediately reports all defects and damage sustained to the proper authority and completes all reports and forms required by current procedures.
  • Operates the radio according to FCC regulations and current departmental procedures.
  • Keeps radio equipment in operation at all times and remains thoroughly familiar with departmental policy concerning its use.
  • Takes measures to direct the flow of traffic during periods of congestion.
  • Notifies the supervisor on duty if more than a temporary absence from regular duties is required.

 Specific duties and responsibilities: traffic patrol.

  • Directs and expedites the flow of traffic at assigned intersections, preventing accidents, protecting pedestrians, and ensuring the free flow of traffic.
  • Enforces the motor vehicle laws in the patrol areas.
  • Alert to traffic safety conditions that may endanger or inconvenience the public and reports such conditions to the sergeant and/or the Virginia Department of Transportation.


  • Some knowledge of the philosophy, objectives and practices of counseling, particularly as related to juveniles;
  • Knowledge of investigative techniques and techniques of identification;
  • General knowledge of rules of evidence and laws of search and seizure;
  • Ability to deal effectively with juveniles and adults;
  • Ability to analyze evidence;
  • Ability to question and interview skillfully;
  • Ability to organize and prepare clear and concise oral and written reports;
  • Skill in the use of firearms and police equipment;
  • Possession of physical ability and endurance;
  • Ability to establish effective working relationships with juveniles, parents, school officials, fellow workers and the public;
  • Physically fit.


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