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November 9,2023   |   News story

Burn Ban

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November 9,2023   |   News story

Seniors Guide to Medicare

Medicare may not pay for everything, but it can go a long way toward helping older adults afford preventive care, treatments, procedures, and prescriptions. Our guide offers practical advice on:

  • Exactly what Medicare covers
  • The details of each different Medicare plan
  • Medicare enrollment options and periods
  • The differences between Medicare and Medicaid 
  • Additional resources for seniors

Seniors' guide to medication management (

October 3,2023   |   News story

Virginia Cooperative Extension Needs Assessment Survey

Virginia Cooperative Extension, Carroll County is seeking your input.  Every five years, VCE conducts a needs assessment to determine critical educational programming needs for the citizens in Carroll County.  VCE is a partnership between Virginia's two land grant universities; Virginia Tech and Virginia State university.  The Carroll County VCE office provides programming in Agriculture and Natural Resources, 4-H Youth Development, and Family and Consumer Sciences.  VCE agents, program assistants, and volunteers work to assist farmers, empower youth, guide responsible resource management, and advance the wellbeing of all Virginians.

As Carroll VCE plans and designs its programs, it is important that VCE is addressing the issues that are most significant to Carroll County families an youth.  This is your opportunity to provide your opinions on the most critical issues in VCE programming areas or otherwise.

Below is a link to a survey that allows you to prioritize various issues for Carroll County and to provide your feedback.  If you would like a paper version of the survey, please contact the office at 276-730-3110.

September 1,2023   |   News story

Partnering for Hope and Healing

, was founded with two specific goals in mind: to provide in-depth, medically accurate information to those struggling with substance abuse and related conditions; and to connect those individuals with the free resources and rehabs that can best meet their needs.

June 27,2023   |   News story

Recycling Notice

Effective August 1, 2023
All Recycling, including
Plastic Bottles and Jugs,
Paper, Aluminum, Tin Cans
and Cardboard will be moved
from the Regional Landfill to
L&L Recycling
1249 W. Stuart Drive
Hillsville, VA 24333
(This facility is located .7 mile away from Landfill)
(Across from Jeff Johnson Collision Center)
Their Hours are: Tuesday- Friday 9:00 – 5:00
Saturday 9:00 – 2:00, Closed Sunday and Monday
Site will be manned during operating hours

January 17,2023   |   News story

Eye Health & Vision

Recent studies and research strongly link eye health to various conditions, including Alzheimer's. Advancements in technology and more research into the causes and effects of Alzheimer's disease have led to the realization that doctors can confirm a diagnosis by using refined eye examinations.

We created a guide that discusses the link between eyes and Alzheimer's, how the disease affects your eyes, the use of eye exams for early detection, and more! Please take a look at that, and our general Aging & Eyesight guide: MORE

August 24,2022   |   News story

We recently published what we believe to be the most easy-to-understand guide on the ins and outs of medicare. This free resource highlights coverage, costs, eligibility, and enrollment information, along with answers to some frequently asked questions.

August 9,2022   |   News story

Board of Supervisors & PSA Actions Taken at August 8, 2022 Meetings

During their August 8, 2022 meeting, the Carroll County Public Service Authority decided to halt the previously approved water and sewer rate increases.  This action was taken by the PSA Board of Directors to combat some of the rising costs seen by the citizens of Carroll County. 

The Carroll County Board of Supervisors, during their August 8, 2022, meeting, approved to decrease the Personal Property Tax Rate on the new classification of motor vehicles and those similar as described in the Code of Virginia from $2.30 per $100 to $2.15 per $100.  This action was taken to lessen the burden on citizens of the County due to the drastic increase of NADA values.  The Board also approved an emergency ordinance to change the collection date of vehicle license fees.  The new collection date for vehicles owned on January 1, 2023, will be December, 2023.  The individual vehicle owner will not receive the annual $25.00 license fee on their 2022 personal property tax ticket as in previous years.  The Board of Supervisors wishes to thank the Commissioner of Revenue and her staff for working with them to review and implement these changes.  


July 25,2022   |   News story

Carroll County Digital Heritage Organization

Carroll County Digital Heritage Organization is a group of volunteers preserving and digitizing Carroll County’s historical records. Items include: newspapers, schools, churches, businesses, government and communities from our past. Digital images can be found on their website: