Public Transit

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The New Freedom routes are designed to assist those who need to get to places outside of our district for medical treatment or just shopping. These routes operate on a fixed schedule weekly, making one round trip to regional medical and shopping centers outside the district.

Please CLICK HERE for the ROUTE SCHEDULES to determine which stop is closest to your home and when you can expect a bus (may take a few minutes to download).


We highly recommend making reservations. If a full bus is reserved we will turn additional “walk-up” passengers away, and drivers may not be looking for you at a stop if you have not made reservations. Also, routes will not run if there are no passengers reserved. Please call before 3:00pm on the last business day before your route runs to make or cancel reservations.

The reservations number is locally (276) 783-3236 and toll-free (866) 991-1623.

District Three has not arranged for any parking at bus stop locations. Most of the bus stops are located at restaurants or area businesses where you can wait inside out of the weather. If you drive your own vehicle the business owner’s parking policy will apply. Some businesses will tow unattended vehicles. Passengers can utilize the existing fixed and demand-response routes to get to stop locations if those routes are running. Call your local dispatch office for details.

Emergency Transportation
District Three Public Transit vehicles are not equipped for advanced care en route to hospitals, and we will not provide emergency transportation to hospitals. If you require emergency transportation please call 911 for your local emergency services.

If you require more information please call us at the reservation line locally (276) 783-3236 or toll free at (866) 991-1623

CLICK HERE to download the District !! Public Transit NEW FREEDOM Brochure (pdf)