Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my 2022 First Half Real Estate Tax Ticket?

Due to the Board having to set the levy at a late date, the Real Estate Tickets are scheduled to mail out the end of June. The Board has extended the 2022 First Half Deadline date to July 27, 2022.

Can I pay the total amount due for Real Estate by the first half June deadline date?

We will not know the Real Estate Tax due until the Board of Supervisors sets the levy each year.  Once the Real Estate Tax  levy is set you may pay the total amount due by the June due date if you want.  Prior to the levy being set if you want to pre-pay real estate tax we suggest paying the amount that was due the previous year.

I have received a First Half Real Estate Ticket, do I owe it?

Yes, the Board of Supervisors voted on February 24, 2020, to go to twice a year billing on Real Estate Tax. The First Half is due June 20th and the Second Half is due December 5th.

My bank/escrow is supposed to pay my Real Estate Tax, will they pay the First Half and Second Half?

Taxpayers receive a copy of the Real Estate Tickets for their records. A taxpayer will no longer receive a notice on their tickets that an account is to be paid by escrow due to the time frame for Twice A Year billing. Real Estate Tax information is sent to the Escrow companies.  Banks and Escrow Companies have the ability to go online and obtain the tax amounts due.  If your tax is to be paid by an Escrow Company and you have concerns please contact your Banking Institution.  

On my Personal Property Tax there is a car listed I don't own any longer, what should I do?

If you owned the car on January 1st you would owe tax on that vehicle. If you have sold that vehicle and bought another. You will need to contact the Commissioner of the Revenue's office. 

I am being charged the Vehicle License Fee on a car I don't have any longer.

Contact the Commissioner of the Revenue's office to update your records.